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As the list grows, it will become the foundation for collaborative thought and strategy development on this site. New ideas that I have for the site will go through the subscribers such as yourself first because you guys form the foundation for Black and Intellectual. Without you, this radical space doesn't exist. So I may need your opinions and insights about future developments.

I truly see Black and Intellectual as an online community development platform for a segment of the population that is done with business as usual and want a truly unapologetic view on America and the world.

Joining the email list also puts you in direct contact with me, Brian, the Founder of Black and Intellectual. This site isn't funded by anyone else, there are no white strings on me. So those of you seeking that rational, but pro-Black perspective...Black and Intellectual is now your home. We have to build relationships with each other because we're all in the same boat. Individualism is fine, but community is what we need more than anything right now. This is our community and like the African proverb says above, we will build it together!

Thank You again.