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Zero Tolerance Is Code for Unapologetic Inhumanity and Always Has Been

Zero tolerance policies have a controversial history in America. They are equated with a lack of empathy and understanding about why certain problems exist and instead look to use overly-aggressive measures as deterrents from crimes being committed. What’s happening at the border with children being ripped from the arms of their parents is part of a disgusting legacy of assumptions and junk science being passed off as sane policy.

The System of Slavery - Part 1

This is Episode 26 of the Black and Intellectual Show. I begin the process of breaking down the system of slavery in this video. How the U.S. banking system and American capitalism is tied to slavery and the insane profits that slavery generated for white society domestically and internationally.

Exposed: California Police Worked With Neo-Nazis To Target 'Anti-Racist' Activists

Collusion is a word that has been thrown around a lot over the past year, but not in reference to law enforcement colluding with neo-Nazis to protect them from prosecution. It's not that this story is shocking as much as it is a confirmation of what anti-racist activists and intellectuals have been saying for a long time. A truth that many in American society still continue to deny and apologize for.

Bring Them All Down - Every Last Confederate Monument Must Go

America has a terrible habit of pouring salt in the wound. The debate over the hundreds of Confederate monuments that dot America is representative of that. The side that lost the war glorifies their traitorous heroes more than the side that won. Where are the dozens of statues of Harriet Tubman? Of freed, or escaped slaves? Where's the statue of Nat Turner?

The Confederate monuments should come down - all of them. I explain why in the article.