The Political and Class Warfare at the Heart of the Government Shutdown

The Political and Class Warfare at the Heart of the Government Shutdown


  • Political Warfare: tactics used to force and coerce a political enemy to do one’s bidding. Often times with hostile intent.

  • Economic Warfare: controlling the supply of critical economic resources often times used by nations against foreign adversaries to force them into compliance.

War…What is it Good For?

America is in the midst of political warfare that has already broken historic records. The partial shutdown of the U.S. government is now in its 24th day with no clear end in sight. This is a complete failure of government and by the majority of accounts, was completely avoidable.

The Trump administration has decided to hold 800,000 federal employees hostage to engage in political warfare with the Democrats, who now control the House of Representatives, over funding for his racist border wall that is heavily promoted by the likes of other racists like Rep. Steve King and Stephen Miller. This is despite the fact that the majority of Americans don’t support the allocation of funds for said border wall. A recent Washington Post poll linked on the previous sentence shows that nearly 55% of Americans don’t support the wall and 38% strongly oppose it (compared to 28% who strongly support it).

The same Washington Post poll showed that a slight majority of Americans support the refusal of funds for the wall even if it means extending the shutdown longer!

The border wall is not popular, but neither are a lot of the policy agendas that this person in the White House engages in. We’re dealing with a man who could very well be indicted within the next 2 years who’s rise to power is littered with collusion and conspiracy - at home and abroad. We’re not dealing with a legitimate Presidency. Once one accepts that, everything else that’s happening makes more sense.

It’s not just the political warfare of the moment that Trump is engaged in, within the bounds of the government shutdown is also an economic warfare. Massive numbers of nonessential employees that work in federal agencies are now furloughed - meaning they are forced to stay at home until the shutdown ends. Meaning they don’t get paid and can’t put food on the table, buy medication, and do things expected of parents and households.

That Trump has said he’s “totally prepared for a very long shutdown” in statements he’s made previously is a middle finger to Americans like Darryl Floyd. Floyd is a furloughed worker who’s wife has cancer and cannot work. That puts pressure on him to provide for the household with his one paycheck, which he can’t do during a government shutdown.

This is not “the Democrat” shutdown and a majority of Americans know this. They know the government is shutdown because of political dysfunction in the White House and Trump wanting the Democrats to buckle to his hostage demands for funding a wall that most Americans don’t support.

What happened to Mexico paying for the wall? We all know the answer to that question.

The economic warfare of the moment can also be seen in the fact that non-furloughed federal employees actually have to work without pay! This is worse than being furloughed! Trump is holding back critical economic resources that is putting some federal workers in life or death situations. It has caused a group of federal employees who work for the Departments of Justice, Agriculture, and Transportation to file a lawsuit against the Trump administration accusing his White House of violating the 13th amendment which prohibits involuntary servitude. The lawsuit also accuses the administration of violating the Fair Labor Standards Act, among other things.

People should not have to choose between employment and working without pay. If this shutdown drags on for more weeks, not only will it cost this country more billions of dollars, it means more paychecks missed for federal workers and they are surely to become increasingly more agitated the longer this goes on. No one wants to work for free. Not even federal employees.

In an effort to force the Democrats to fund the border wall, Trump is not only engaged in political warfare against them, he’s engaged in political and economic warfare against America.

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