Debunking the 'War on Cops' Myth

It has become popular among the right-wing in America since the rise of Black Lives Matter to push the mythological 'War on Cops' conspiracy theory. Those who have followed the far-right in America long enough know that propping up false narratives is common for them. Their propaganda is a well-oiled machine now. It is time however to debunk this annoying myth because I'm seeing it fly far too much on the mainstream media and it is complete and total mythology.

Police Murders Are Actually At Historic Lows!

Recently released data by the FBI shows that 2015 was one of the safest years on record for cops in recorded history, a trend that has been consistent for several decades now. Included in the data shows that most cops who die in the line of duty die from automobile accidents...not gun deaths! Matter of fact, the data shows that of all the cops who died in the line of duty, only 3 were actually shot by a suspect! For there to be such a massive "war on cops," the body count sure is mighty low!

Barack Obama has been a victim in the false, make-believe 'war on cops' narrative. He is accused of being against cops, despite doing absolutely nothing but show his support for them.

The answer of course is simple...the right-wing in America is full of it and up to their usual games. Black Lives Matter, and Black activism in general has garnered international attention in recent years. Due to this, and the attention that the murdering of Black men and women by police and in police custody has garnered, the propaganda machine is in overdrive. They're at the point now where they're basically just making shit up.

It doesn't help that these lies are being spread by police unions and police advocacy groups either. When it comes to Black folk, our community is lectured about the need to respect authority and come together. However no one calls out people like William Johnson of the National Association of Police Organizations who made the wild claim that President Barack Obama was responsible for a "war on cops" after the Dallas shootings. The message is clear, when it's one of their own...every life matters, so now it's time to 'go postal' post-Dallas. When it's a Black man/woman on the receiving end however, there's a torrent of excuses and red herring arguments about how he/she had it coming.

How can there be a 'War on Cops' when it's not even one of the Top 10 Deadliest Jobs in America?


This chart is from the Foundation of Economic Education and charts police fatalities per million residents since 1900.

Due to police departments and police unions wanting to keep the money flowing, they've been forced to play up the fear-mongering when it comes to talking about how dangerous law enforcement work is. The data actually shows it's not even in the Top 10. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, police officers have the 15th deadliest job. That is behind roofers, mining machine operators, power-line installers and taxi cab drivers! No, there is no 'war on cops' and any notion of such is erroneous and fabricated. Devoid of evidence and being used as a fear-mongering tool to hide the fact that the REAL war has been on communities of color.

Twenty days ago exactly, I wrote a blog entry entitled, 'America's War on Blacks - Philando Castile and Alton Sterling.' I've also written about the school-to-prison pipeline and mass incarceration. I will continue to write more in the future as well. However when it has come out already that the drug war was launched to provide a pretext to attack "Blacks and hippies" by one of the former officials in the Nixon administration - all claims to victimhood by the right-wing in America go out of the window. If anything it has been law enforcement, and the politicians and judges who have given them the green light, who has been waging this war on communities of color! Black and Brown people are not the perpetrator's of any war, we are the victims of one! Law enforcement officials aren't the victims of any war, they are the enforcers and enablers of one!

If anyone thinks I'm reaching and making things up...let's not forget they've literally called it the 'War on Drugs' for several decades now. They themselves labeled it a war a long time ago. Only, you have to replace the word 'drugs' with 'blacks and hippies.'