Bring Them All Down - Every Last Confederate Monument Must Go

America has a terrible habit of pouring salt in the wound. The debate over the hundreds of Confederate monuments that dot America is representative of that. The side that lost the war glorifies their traitorous heroes more than the side that won. Where are the dozens of statues of Harriet Tubman? Of freed, or escaped slaves? Where's the statue of Nat Turner?

The Confederate monuments should come down - all of them. I explain why in the article.

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State Violence is State Terrorism: Philando Castile and the Ongoing Assault on Black Life

State violence is state terrorism - a conclusion I've come to after watching another agent of state terror be acquitted by a brain-dead jury full of state violence deniers. We should not bite our tongue in some fake appeal to decorum and respect for corrupt institutions that have an agenda against us.

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