I started this blog in the winter of 2016 during the primary season of the 2016 election. I felt compelled to get a certain word out that I felt was lacking on other alternative blogs and websites. I am a college graduate like many others living in a time when a college degree is not only expensive, but increasingly worthless. The point is, certain societal structures are broken...some completely broken. This site is meant for people who understand that the mainstream media is essentially a propaganda arm of the establishment and want a liberal, progressive, democratic socialist and most importantly Black point-of-view on what is going on in the world and how these problems should be addressed. To do something like this requires strength, passion and courage. Attributes often assigned to the lion which is why I chose the image above with Mount Kilimanjaro in the background. It's never been easy going against the grain, but someone has to do it.

I consider myself to be unapologetic in my Blackness and I understand some feel threatened by that, however that does not mean certain inconvenient truths should go unspoken. Truths about the criminal justice system, truths about the new gilded age that has arisen and threatens the integrity of American democracy, truths about history both ancient, modern and all eras in between. There are truths in science, truths in spirituality and religion and many other topics that go unnoticed or unspoken. I believe it's time to break the chains of the controlled narratives that dominate our lives and enslave our minds.

- From Brian, Founder of Black and Intellectual

Our Vision

Our vision is to grow a community, to build an infrastructure that will begin to allow our supporters to become more well-informed and to share products with each other that we all can benefit from. Even though this site is meant for serious discussions about a wide range of topics, it doesn't have to be serious all the time. To be totally transparent, I am an affiliate marketer as well and not just a social commentator. So some of the blog entries on Black and Intellectual will involve the reviewing of products that we value.  

More importantly however our big promise is to have a platform unlike any other. A platform that will be unapologetically radical and uncompromising on certain issues such as voting rights, human rights, civil rights, social democracy and democratic socialism. Black and Intellectual is a brand that promotes the resurgence and rise of the radical Black Left. The Black left has a rich tradition in America, but has been shut out of politics post-Integration as the country has drifted further and further to the far right. We see ourselves as builders in a new Black renaissance providing new content weekly that will address the issues and interests of the followers of this bloc. We at Black and Intellectual understand that the political revolution needed in Black America can only be achieved through the democratic and legal participation of American voters. This represents our vision and we ask that all who agree help promote and grow the Black and Intellectual brand.


Our Struggle

The struggle we face not only as Americans, but as African-Americans is immense in its scope and depth. It's a never-ending struggle between progressivism and conservatism, radicalism and moderation, incrementalism and revolution. While this site is meant for everyone, it is slanted towards the struggle of people of African descent. In a time when many want to run away from Blackness, we feel now is the time more than ever to reinforce the strength and beauty of our community. So we need your support to make this venture stronger. You can start right now by completing the tasks below...

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