The System of Slavery - Part 1

This is Episode 26 of the Black and Intellectual Show. I begin the process of breaking down the system of slavery in this video. How the U.S. banking system and American capitalism is tied to slavery and the insane profits that slavery generated for white society domestically and internationally.

(EP.20) Bomb Plots Against Blacks, Cambridge Analytica, Kris Kobach Exposed

In this episode of the Black and Intellectual live stream show, I unpack an update about the assassination of Marielle Franco, white supremacists in Kansas who are on trial for a failed domestic terrorist bombing attack against Somali Muslims and tie that into what's going on in Austin, TX. 

I also briefly discuss the Cambridge Analytica whistleblower story and why it's so important. How Kris Kobach's voter fraud myth has been exposed in court. Lastly, how Tennessee has schemed to fine black small business owners over $100,000 simply for braiding hair!