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Trayvon Martin Five Years Later: On the Desperate Need for Social Mobilization

The failure of the so-called Justice System to put the killer of Trayvon Martin behind bars has led to a level of social mobilization and community organizing not seen since some say the Civil Rights movement. The Civil Rights movement was an earlier struggle against the victimization of Black life which was itself a descendant of even earlier struggles. So let us talk about the role that the murder of Trayvon Martin has had on me and others like me.

Why the Emmett Till Story Still Matters

Jamie Rocymore returns to break down the murder of Emmett Till and why it still matters today. The revelation that Carolyn Bryant lied about what Till did is not so much news as much as it is confirmation and what Black America has felt for decades now. A truly disturbing story that provides a glimpse into how barbaric white supremacy can be and has been in the past.

Is White Supremacy a Social Psychopathology?

What is the definition of insanity again? If doing something over and over again and expecting a different result is insane, then what is clinging to a belief over and over again that has been debunked over and over again and expecting to somehow, someway be right?? Anti-scientific and anti-intellectual are terms that can be used sure, but doesn't come close to calling this mentality out the way it needs to be.

'Colorblindness' and the Deceptive New Way to Ignore Institutional Racism

Colorblindness is a word that comes off as accepting and progressed. Yet it can also be deceptively used as political cover as you make controversial racial statements. Recently it seems like those who are "colorblind" are making the most racially-controversial statements. Yet those of us who can see through the deception can easily break it down. That is exactly what this blog article is about.