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The System of Slavery - Part 1

This is Episode 26 of the Black and Intellectual Show. I begin the process of breaking down the system of slavery in this video. How the U.S. banking system and American capitalism is tied to slavery and the insane profits that slavery generated for white society domestically and internationally.

Bring Them All Down - Every Last Confederate Monument Must Go

America has a terrible habit of pouring salt in the wound. The debate over the hundreds of Confederate monuments that dot America is representative of that. The side that lost the war glorifies their traitorous heroes more than the side that won. Where are the dozens of statues of Harriet Tubman? Of freed, or escaped slaves? Where's the statue of Nat Turner?

The Confederate monuments should come down - all of them. I explain why in the article.

The Whitewashing of Economic Justice

Economic justice has been whitewashed and black success has been redefined to exclude economic issues that face our community. There are those who want to emphasize social progress and leave economic progress on the back-burner as if the two do not go hand-in-hand. The black community has been misled and the power structure is using black people to do it.

Reliving Black Wall Street & The 1921 Tulsa Race Riot

The terroristic destruction of Black Wall Street in 1921 is one of the most horrific stories you will ever learn about. It was located in the Greenwood neighborhood in Tusla, Oklahoma and was burned to the ground in what has been labeled the Tulsa race riot by history. 

While some have tried to encourage black people to forget the past, the continuance and rising threat of right-wing extremism forces us to relive this ugly chapter in American history.

Why the Emmett Till Story Still Matters

Jamie Rocymore returns to break down the murder of Emmett Till and why it still matters today. The revelation that Carolyn Bryant lied about what Till did is not so much news as much as it is confirmation and what Black America has felt for decades now. A truly disturbing story that provides a glimpse into how barbaric white supremacy can be and has been in the past.

5 Rebellious Black People Who Fought Against Slavery

It has become common to think of slavery and the slaves who suffered under such an oppressive system as docile and weak. People who could not and would not stand up for themselves in the face of historic crimes against humanity. Learned people know better, but this list contains 5 names that most have likely not heard of. We've all heard of Nat Turner and Toussaint L'Ouverture, but these are the names of a few people who have been forgotten by history and we should say their names too.

8 W.E.B. Du Bois Quotes That Will Blow Your Mind

W.E.B. DuBois quotes can be some of the most intellectually-fulfilling content you ever come across. Sure, much of his writings use dated, retro language such as 'negro' and 'colored,' however you have to separate the era in which DuBois lived from the unpacked the meat of what he was saying which can only be described as revolutionary and radical.